Red Traces 2018 – 2020

Mor joined a group of tree loggers in the woods around Bucharest, men who designate trees for felling, which they mark with a red dot, then proceeding to cut them off. The trees concerned are marked if they are old, diseased, likely to collapse, or disrupt the flow in the wood’s trails – trees deemed “dispensable”. Joining the team in search for the red dots, Mor shot tree trunks prior to felling and afterwards. In a process of digital editing, she cropped out those dotted tree trunks, placing them on a white backdrop that, away from the original context, turns them into a series of abstract amorphous shapes tainted with a slab of color. The accumulation of felled dotted trunks creates an index of enigmatic signifiers that, now removed from the act of violence they were originally designate, likewise allude to the larger consequences of deforestation as a result of human activity, some of which are still unknown.