Nature Morte 2010-2011

The Garden of Eden, C- Print, 2011, 110X75 cm / 43X30 in

Three portraits titled Nursing, Feeding and Play (2014) make up the series, Under the Skin. On first impression, they seem to belong to a tradition of idyllic country life: a woman, a man and a child each pose against the lush backdrop of gorgeous countryside views, mountains and prairies. Posing in traditional festive costumes, in each portrait the subject interacts with the flayed body of a dead animal. The woman nurses a lamb in her arms in a maternal gesture; the man is seated on a tree trunk with a dead pigeon laid beside him; and the child lovingly carries a rabbit. The meticulous staging of these highly aestheticized portraits verges on the saccharine, with overtones of nation and tradition giving way to an ironic and ambivalent look at the antithetic values of life and death. From the text “under the skin”, Sally Haftel Naveh.