Fire and Ice 2017

Two photographs show the words ‘HOT’ and ‘COLD’ impressed on two sheets of pigskin: ‘HOT’, was stamped with hot-iron branding, while ‘COLD’ was stamped with freeze branding, a process involving dry ice and alcohol that cause the skin to lose its pigmentation. The processes are commonly used to mark cattle with ID numbers. In the photos, the numbers are substituted by the lexical opposites of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’, pointing to the two extremes of these painful processes, both of which depend on the wounding and permanent scaring of a living being. “Fire and Ice” is named after the eponymous poem by Robert Frost, where two types of apocalypses – through fire or ice – are compared along the opposing emotions of desire and hate. The title aptly relates to a work in which Mor continues to address the complex relations we have with animals, especially in the modern industrialized world.